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  • What is Vision Tutor?

    Vision Tutor is India's fastest growing market place for tutors and students. We act as a medium between Tutors and Students, to improve the quality of Home tuition and to minimise the headache of tutors and students regarding payments and attendance. 

    How can I get enrolled Into Home Tuitions?

    You need to Register yourself on our website. Now once you are registered, you can Search a tutor as per your needs, or tell us the requirement and we will find a tutor for you. Once a tutor is selected, we will send him for a Free Demo session.

    Is the Demo Really Free? Are there any Hidden Charges?

    Yes The Demo is completly free and there are No hidden charges. We understand that learning methods of all students are different, so the first tutor may or may not be suitable for them. We do not want just earn, we want to ensure quality education for a students bright future. So after taking a demo a student can take his/her decigen. 

    How many Demo's can I take?

    We allow 1 hour of Free Demo for every Tutor you wish to see (upto 3). after the 1st Free Demo of the tutor, you need to pay Rs: 250/- for 1 more Demo Class of the same tutor, to cover the travel cost of Tutor. 

    I Do not like any of the tutors, what can I do?

    In that case, we can send some other tutors which matches your requirement. But they will be paid, since we have already given you 3 Free Demo Classes. You can also talk to our Student counselor, who can help you find a suitable tutor. Ph: +91-9772440757 .

    How can I Fix my Tutor?

    Once you have taken the demo, our Student Care executive will call us and ask you about the service and how would you like to go.. You will be required to fill your complete profile and pay the fees acording to the course. Most of the acadmic courses are charged for 24 Sessions togetherly (a month). There may be some courses which have 12 Sessions in a month so you need to pay acordingly of 12 Sessions. 

    When will I have to pay fees for the next month?

    Our tutors work on hourly basis and our payemnt system works on prepaid basis. A tutor will stop teaching if Your booked sessions are over, if you add more sessions to your balance before the ending of the running sessions he/she shall continue.We advise you to add more session to your balance befor 3 last sessions. 
    Ex; If You have booked 24 sessions, then we advise you to pay for more sessions after completetion of 21 sessions to avoid any holidays. 

    Will I get a Refund if I cancel My subscription?

    Yes We value your money and we will refund you for the remaining sessions. In that case we shall charge Rs 150/- for transaction fees.

    Are the sessions adjustable with any other tutor?

    Yes your money will be adjusted if you wish to use it for any other Tutor. 

    How can I Pay my fees?

    You will be sent a link on Your Dashboard, Whatsapp and SMS before your sessions gets expired. You can pay us VIA that link. You can also pay us through paytm or Bank transfer. 

    In the link, you will be having the options to pay by Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, wallets and UPI.

    Can I add a review to the tutor?

    Yes. Thats what makes Vision Tutor the best platform to find tutors.Always add a review to your tutor once the course is completed. SO that other students can get an Idea about good and weak points of any tutor.

    How many tuition can I take simultaneously?

    As long as you are paying you fee and have time for multiple classes, we do not stop you from geting multiple tutors for different subjects.

    If I commit for tuitions, do I need to stick to the same tutor?

    Not necessarily. You can ask for a replacement any time if you are not satisfied with the progress of the student. We would however recommend that you speak to our academic counsellor before taking a decision.

    If I enroll for any tutor, do you guarantee the same tutor untill the sessions are expired?

    Most of our tutors continue, however there may be times when a tutor feels about changing his/her job or other personal reasons. Then in that case you will be refunded your money without any cut. and also, You will be eligible for some new tutors with their free demos if they are available. 

    How trustworthy are your tutors with security of my Kid?

    We do not advise any classes in the absence of parents/guardians. We also advise you to talk to your ward regularly and take feedback about the tutor. If anything suspicious is found, report it to us As soon as possible.We will take the report very seriously as making the student comfortable is our top priority.
    Since, we are a marketplace connecting tutors and students. We do not guarantee any suitability or safety either explicit or implied.

    Your Fees is too much.

    Quality comes with a price.  We pay professional tutors well so that they teach their best. We also allow refund as we are not moneey hunters. We just want to provie better tutors at your home. 

    My tutor has increased his/her fees. when will it get effected?

    A tutor may increase the rate at anytime, as its his/her choice, in that case the new fees will be aplicable only after the current sessions are expired. You will be having same fees for the current bookeed sessions. 

    What should I do if the Tutor offers me to Make Direct contact?

    In case If a tutor offers you to make a direct contact, you shall Report that to us Imideatly. We believe in working Together. and keeping  both of the sides happy.

    A student must understand that there is a cost involved in providing the services at a large scale. We also ensures that your money is safe and secure with us and will be transfered to a tutor only once a tuition is completed. in case of direct connections the tutor may run away taking all the money.

    However if there is a tutor/student found making direct contact with any of such activity, The student shall be black listed for geting any other services  from our side. He/She will not be paid for the refund for that and other running classes and all classes will be terminated Imideately. . Similarly strict actions are taken for the tutor side as well. Legal actions may be taken against such frauds if required.

    I have a Question/Suggestion, where should I contact?

    If you have any Questions/Suggestions, We would love to Hear them! Contact us at: +91-9772440757

  • How can I become a Tutor?

    To Become a tutor, You need to Register yourself as a Tutor and fill the necessary Details. Once you have completed your registration process your profile will be available in the search. We will call you and verify to prevent fake registrations.

    Is there any Registration fees?

    No, There is no registration fees. You can get yourself registered and listed for free.

    How much I will be Paid?

    During the Time of registration, You will be required to fill the fees/hour you are expecting for your efforts. You will Be paid that much, or something near which is fixed after negociations from both the sides before starting any session with the student. 

    Will I be paid for the demo class?

    Giving a demo class is an opportunity for you to check compatibility and comfort before giving a commitment. It also helps customers make up their mind. You will not be paid for the demo class,

    How will I get paid?

    Tutors currently have two options to get paid, NEFT (Money will be transfered to your bank acount) and Paytm wallet (Money will be transfered to your paytm wallet).

    When will I get paid?

    Vision Tutor act as a Payment-Sureksha medium between a tutor and a student. You will be paid a month later from the date of starting the classes.

    Ex: If You start teaching on 7 April 2017 then you will be paid on 7 May 2017. A delay of 3 Days may be possible in case of bank holidays or technical failure.

    If a student stops the sessions after some days, How much will I get paid?

    We always value your efforts so we will never dissapoint you in terms of money. You will be paid for the Hours of teaching you have given to a studet. 

    I want my payment earlier, is there any way?

    Yes. We value your efforts and loyalty to us. We may pay you in advance if there is really an emergency. but for that you have to contact our Tutor care Executive and He/She shall tell you the process. Ph:- +91-9772440757 . 

    Will Vision Tutor take any share from my Fees?

    No. We want our tutors to be Happy and thefore we will pay you the fees you have eneterd during the time of registration. However, To keep us running, we "Amplify" the fees (by 15%) entered by you during the time of registration. So that 15% Hike will be ours and the fees you are expecting will be yours. 

    Example. Suppose You have enetered Rs 100/Hour During the time of registration, then we will be taking Rs 115/hour From the student. You will be paid Rs 100 WIthout any fuss and delay and the rest Rs 15 which is 15% in addition to your hourly fees will be ours. 

    This system keeps You and Us both Happy, Since you get what your are asking for and we get what is required to run a company :-)  

    I don't feel comfortable with student and the environment at his/her Home is not good, What should I do?

    Making our tutors feel good about their work is our top priority. Once you tell us the problem, we will contact the student/parent and discuss the problem with them. If they understand and take the required measures you can continue. Otherwise you can Stop the sessiosns and you will be paid for the sessions you have taught. 

    I am a Female Tutor, who is responsible for my Security?

    We respect our Female Tutors and we Do take some security measures for their safety. We enroll any student with any female tutor only if there is a female family member present in the home, unless a tutor is heself willing to go and teach a student who do not have any female members present at home. All the complaints made by any tutor is taking very Seriously regarding this matter. 

    Since we are just a match making team, we cannot hold responsblity of the safety. A tutor always has an Option to Reject any tuition classes if they feel uncomfortable. 

    Why should I upload my ID Proof's before committing to any tuition?

    We always trust our tutors and believe in them. However we hold some resposiblity towards a parent/student in case of some mishapening. Thus these verified documents are required. Don't worry, these documents are always safe with us. They are just to improve our secure system. 

    I want to increase my fees, when will the change take place?

    There may be times when a tutor needs to change his/her fees. In that case you can edit your fees from the dashbord and the comming tuitions whichever will be given to you will be with the updates fees. The tuition which are running now will be effected in the next month, once the monthly cycle is completed. If you have any rrunnng tuitions and if you update the fees you have to inform our Tutor Care executive in  7 Days advance to the next monthly billing date. So that we take the fees from the student cordingly. 

    I am having a trouble uploading any information on the website.

    In that case you can call our Tutor care executive (Ph; +91 9772440757 ) and share the problem with us. we will help you by geting the problem resolved.

    How can I get more Tuitions?

    We cannot gurantee 'More tuitions' since a student has his own priority while selecting a tutor, How ever you can follow this post to check out what are the elements of a successful tutor profile. 

    What should I do if the student offers me to Make Direct contact?

    In case If a student offers you to make a direct contact, you shall Report that to us as soon as possible.
    We believe in working Together. Studdents may come and go but for us, our tutors are family. We do not take any share from tutor's earnings so we do not expect  them to take any share from our earning as well. 

    A tutor understand that there is a cost involved in providing the services at a large scale. We also ensures the payment from the parents to the tutors. So the tutor's  are loyal to us.

    However if there is a tutor/student found making direct contact with any of such activity, He/she shall be black listed from providing any other services to the students from our side. He/She will not be paid for the running classes he/she is into for any of the students. Similarly strict actions are taken for the student side as well. Legal actions may be taken against such frauds if required.


    I have a Question/Suggestion, where should I contact?

    If you have any Questions/Suggestions, We would love to Hear them! Contact us at; +91-9772440757

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